Friday 22 February
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Apr 18, 2016 @ 8:08

Beat the heat & sun dry your own tomatoes

Tomato prices are down to just P20 per kilo this week.

In some retail markets in Metro Manila, it can go as low as P10 per kilo, depending on the time of the day—when new stocks are coming or when the store owners already want to go home.

The Philippines’ so-called summer starts in March and lasts till May.

And it is during this time that tomato harvests are bountiful. With the heat rising to record levels, you might want to take advantage of it and sun dry your own tomatoes.

It sure beats complaining about the heat.

First, prepare the ingredients: tomatoes and salt (we prefer rock salt). Make sure the tomatoes are ripe but firm, without any bruises.

Wash them well and dry.

Split them in half and place in a bilao (local basket) or a pan and sprinkle with salt.


To protect them against flies and other insects, cover with tulle or a net, and place them under the sun.

Here’s our homemade sundried tomatoes after just a day and a half in the sun. We’ll probably sun dry them for another day and a half.


You might want to start the process in the morning to make the most of the sun.

Take them inside at night just to protect it from the elements in case it rains and take them back out again in the morning.

Once, we left them out overnight and molds appeared. We reckon that was from the morning dew so we now make sure to take them inside at night.

Store in an airtight container when it has dried out. (By: Eileen A. Mencias)


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