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Apr 5, 2016 @ 3:59

Bugs in your diet?

As the world population grows, you may soon be eating crickets (“camaru”) for protein instead of chicken.

SciDev.Net reported that scientists, especially those from the European Union, have been looking at farming insects as food or animal feed.

SciDev.Net said a report by the EU-funded European Food Safety Authority is studying the feasibility of farming insects to fight malnutrition and reduce environmental stress from large-scale meat and fish farming.

But the report warned that insect farming has not been done on an industrial scale, and it may have an impact on the environment.

The report, which looks at the potential of insects as food or animal feed, says the microbiological, chemical and environmental risks of insect farming are similar to those of other animal husbandry.

But it warns that insect farming has not been tried on an industrial scale, and that there is a lack of systematically collected data on insect farming and consumption worldwide.

Cricket farming is already being done in developing countries, like Thailand which has more than 20,000 registered small cricket farms. It is affordable for small-scale rural farmers.

In developing countries, the study said, people are more open to adding insects to their diets.

The problem with the rich countries is that they consider insects as unacceptable food, and they are wary of what would happen if insect farming is scaled industrial-size.


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