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Apr 28, 2016 @ 9:36

Hormel Foods opens new SPAM museum

Hormel Foods Corp., a multinational food company, has opened a museum devoted to its SPAM brand in Austin, Minnesota.

The new SPAM Museum opened its door to visitors on April 22 to celebrate the luncheon meat brand’s 79-year history and Hormel Foods’ 125 years. The museum is located in downtown Austin and covers 14,000 square foot.

We are excited to open the SPAM® Museum in its new site in downtown Austin and share this new, interactive experience with SPAM® fans across the globe,” said Nicole L. Behne, marketing director, Grocery Products at Hormel Foods. “As we prepare to celebrate the 125th anniversary of our company in Austin, throughout the country and the world, this new SPAM® Museum will be a great way for people to connect with the iconic SPAM® products and Hormel Foods.”

Hormel Foods introduced SPAM to the market in 1937. The name SPAM was said to have come from the brother of a company executive who won $100 in a competition to name the new product.

Some believe that the name is an abbreviation for spiced ham, shoulders of pork and ham, or specially processed American meat.

During World War 2, SPAM was a major part of an American soldier’s diet because of the difficulties in delivering fresh meat at the time. According to Wikipedia, over 150 million pounds of SPAM were purchased by the military before the end of World War 2. It was the American military during the war who introduced SPAM to the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, Okinawa, and other islands in the Pacific.

The late Margaret Thatcher was said to have referred to SPAM as a “wartime delicacy.”

The museum is open to everyone. Just one thing though, Hormel Foods begs you to not eat the exhibit. LOL! (Eileen A. Mencias)


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