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Feb 9, 2017 @ 12:50

8 barbecue hacks

Pork barbecue is a staple in most Pinoy get-togethers. I don’t do it much because I find the skewer part of the process too troublesome.

Barbecue is one of those meats that you can prepare ahead of time. And, you can stock it in the freezer in batches and cook as you need. Thaw it by putting it in the fridge just before you leave for work. When you get home after eight hours or so, it should be ready to cook.

1. Soak the barbecue sticks in water overnight so that they don’t burn when you grill it over coals.

2. Always marinade the meat before sticking in the skewers so that you don’t need as much liquid. Also, marinade the meat for at least two hours so that it soaks up the flavor. For good ol’ Pinoy barbecue, marinade it overnight.

3. Do not add sugar when marinading the meat. If you do, the barbecue could burn before it cooks. Add the sugar to the sauce that you will use for basting and baste the meat just before you take it off the grill so it doesn’t dry out and you get a good caramelization on the meat.

4. Use Sprite or 7-Up for the marinade instead of sugar. It helps tenderize the meat.

5. If you don’t have the patience to heat the coals and are not adept at regulating the fire, use the turbo broiler. . It cooks the barbecue fast and it’s not messy.

6. You want to insist on the coals but you don’t know how to fire it up? Put the coals on top of a grill and place on top of the flame in the stove. That will get the coals red in less than a minute.

7. Want your barbecue red like what you see in the streets and in some restaurants? Add catsup to the marinade. Banana catsup to be exact.

8. What’s in a Pinoy barbecue marinade? The basics are: garlic, soy sauce, calamansi juice, and pepper. If you like it with a little kick, add chilis. We put Sprite or 7-Up. When it’s time to baste, that’s when we put in the sugar. Like most dishes, the ratio is all up to you.


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