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Feb 1, 2017 @ 9:20

90 mins is too long for Uncle Cheffy’s P199 unli chicken and calamares promo

Uncle Cheffy’s has been around for quite some time and I remember it for the brick oven pizza that I never got around to trying at Festival Mall.

There’s an Uncle Cheffy’s at Robinsons Place Las Piñas, quite near the LTO office where we had some business to attend to. As with most government offices, we took longer than expected and we found ourselves wandering at Robinsons Place for lunch.

Today, I finally tried Uncle Cheffy’s.

They had a tarp outside their doors that announced a P199 promo of unlimited roast chicken, baked&fried chicken, and calamares. It is available all day but you have to be done eating in 90 minutes. If you order any of the three beyond the 90-minute deadline, they will charge you for another P199 that will be good for another 90 minutes.

As I couldn’t make up my mind, I just went for the unli chicken and calamares promo. It went with iced tea but you will have to pay extra if you want rice.

They will give you a first place of samplers that has all the three entrees. From then, I would think you can pick just what you want. You have to wait for 15 minutes for them to prepare your first plate, leaving you with just 75 minutes of pigging out.

My first plate was sad. The fried chicken thigh had no skin so I sent it back to the kitchen. They gave us the condiments/sauces. The vinegar dipping sauce goes with the calamares and the catsup goes with the fried chicken. The other sauce was liver sauce that looks a lot like Mang Tomas. I am not sure if it goes with the roast chicken which had a gravy of its own. The catsup and the liver sauce containers reminded me of the containers in carinderias you will find by the side of the road in very rural areas where the spoon and fork never match and had a candle mark of the initial of the owner.

We were there at noon and there were only two tables occupied, including ours, even with the P199 promo that seems like a good deal.

The good thing is they let you pick the chicken part you like.

The baked and fried chicken was dry and had no flavor. The roast chicken was dry and its gravy reminded me of Pancake House’s gravy that goes with its panchicken except that it is a very, very poor version. As for the calamares, the calamares from the street vendor at the corner of Malvar and Leon Guinto in Manila is infinitely better.

It was a pain finishing that plate. I needed to finish it because I didn’t want to be charged extra for having left overs. While the iced tea seemed lame, I realize now that I prefer that over rice. At least, the iced tea had some flavor even though it was too sweet.

I hope the calamares, the roast chicken, and the baked and fried chicken are not representative of their chef’s palate because i really did not like my food. For P199, I would have been better off getting half a lechon manok or one of those inihaw na liempo from the lechon manok chains.

I can’t imagine being back at Uncle Cheffy’s anytime soon even if they come up with a better promo.







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