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Feb 24, 2017 @ 17:20

Robinsons Supermarket trims prices on tilapia, chicken wings and beef cubes

Calling all supermarkets! Please don’t do this: tell us you’re cutting prices on certain products without ever mentioning the price. It doesn’t help consumers.

Robinsons Supermarket has this “Wow! Low, Low Prices” thing that seems to be a promo but it just really makes you think twice because they never tell you the price.

Last month, we went to a Robinsons Supermarket which was how I knew the prices. It’s not the supermarket for me. The promo could at least make me curious but P10 and P15 price cuts are not compelling enough for me to take the trip.

The products on promo under their “Wow! Low, Low Prices” thingamajig are large tilapia, chicken wings, and beef cubes.

Robinsons Supermarket is cutting its prices on large tilapia and chicken wings by P15 per kilo. It is also snipping the price of its beef cubes by P10 a kilo. Just to help you determine if they are giving you a fair price if and should you actually shop there, the average price of dressed chicken in Metro Manila is P140 per kilo, the average price of beef is P260 or P300 per kilo depending on whether it is the brisket or the rump, and the average price of tilapia is P100 per kilo, according to data from the Department of Agriculture.


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