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Feb 16, 2017 @ 9:29

The Most Healthyish City in America is Los Angeles

Health food goes with Los Angeles the way Oscars just go to Meryl Streep. L.A. folk have been aboard the healthy-ish train since, well, trains were how most people got out here. As far back as the 1880s, the sick flocked here to heal themselves with sunshine, raw food, and lots of kale. Replace “the sick” with “aspiring actor/model” and the same pretty much holds true today. We can’t promise you’ll instantly morph into Jessica Alba after one macrobiotic grain bowl (but, say, your skin does look positively dewy!), though we’d bet our avocados you’ll enjoy the meal. Because whatever other insults you want to lob at Los Angeles (sprawling, fake, star f*#%y, etc.), the truth is that this town has healthy yet insanely delicious food in the bag. So pull on your Vans and step to our picks for the best healthy-ish spots in America’s best heathyish city. (Cab rides are also allowed.) Just try not to breathe in too much of the smog, okay?

Rose Cafe

Chef Jason Neroni’s Rose Cafe may be newly revamped and newly gigantic—it now takes up a whole Venice block—but on a Sunday afternoon there’s still a swell of beachgoers waiting to put their name on the list. The bar area, replete with glowing orbs of light and hanging terraria, is especially charming. But we’re partial to the chef’s table, which offers a clear view of the pastry station, where bakers roll out dough and interlace pie crusts in plain sight. (Try the berries-and-cream croissant. Fruit is healthy!) The menu offers plenty of meat options for die-hard carnivores, but you’ll convert them with a cauliflower T-bone seared to perfection.

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