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Mar 11, 2017 @ 12:05

Eight foods to try in Iceland, according to Business Insider

Business insider has compiled a list of 8 foods that are a must try if you are travelling to Iceland. The list is compiled by a student that did a semester abroad, in Reykjavik.

“Iceland is known internationally for many things: its breathtaking scenery, its abundant geothermal energy, the Aurora Borealis… But I can bet you’ve never heard of Icelandic food. The cuisine of Iceland evolved under unique environmental conditions; Iceland sits just under the Arctic Circle and only gets enough sunlight to grow food during the summer. Much of the country is covered in lava, too, which makes growing food hard.

But despite the less than favourable conditions for agriculture, Icelanders have managed to develop a complex cuisine with interesting foods you must try if you have the chance.”

1. Kleinur
Mmm, fried food. Kleinur (singular kleina) are my favorite Icelandic treat. They’re colloquially known as the Icelandic donut: slightly sweet deep fried bread twisted into a diamond-shaped knot. They taste lovely dipped in coffee or tea.

2. Skyr
“Skyr is my other favorite Icelandic treat. It’s a thick dairy product that is technically cheese but is marketed as yoghurt. You can get little cups of skyr almost anywhere that sells food and drinks (i.e. gas stations, convenience stores, my school’s bookstore), and they come with a foldable spoon so you can eat it on the go. Skyr has the texture of Greek yoghurt but is even thicker and creamier.”

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