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Mar 12, 2017 @ 18:23

Which canned tuna do you want in your cupboard?

It’s lent and demand for fish is high. I always loved the Friday combo of paksiw na bangus and guinisang munggo but that requires a little more planning. You do need to go to the market for the fish and you might want some alugbati or malunggay on the munggo.

When you forget to shop for these, it’s wise to stock up on canned tuna. There are so many brands of canned tuna right now and many just go to the market leader which spends a lot more on ads. Some brands don’t spend on the ads but they do have good products, even better than that of the market leader.

When buying canned tuna, read the label and take a look at the ingredients. The market leader and other brands put water in their canned tuna. Some put more water than others which is why we shake the can to see if it’s more water than tuna. That’s how some were weeded out.

Price is also a factor.

The cheapest canned tuna we found was CDO Sea Quest’s tuna flakes in oil at P29.50. It didn’t make the cut because it was mostly water.

17 25

The most expensive was Century Tuna’s Premium line which costs over P50 a can. We took it out of the running as it was some P15 more expensive than most brands. Permex was taken out of the running as well because it was still P4 to P5 more expensive than the rest.

18 24

Century Tuna’s flakes in oil at P33.70 was too watery as was San Marino’s tuna flakes in oil at P33.95.

20 21

Our best canned tuna flakes in oil is Ocean’s Best Tuna at P33.50 a can. Ligo’s tuna flakes in oil is a close second at P34.70 a can. We like the flakes of Ocean’s Best better. Ocean’s Best Tuna and Ligo’s Tuna are the top picks because they’d don’t put water in. If you look at their ingredients list, it’s just tuna, oil, and salt.

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