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Nov 9, 2018 @ 11:30

‘People power’ on Indonesian flight forces plane to unload 3 tons of durian in cargo

Who ever said that collective action does not do any good? Passengers of a Sriwijaya Air from Jakarta from Bengkulu proved that speaking out does indeed make people’s voices heard even up in the air.

One of the passengers, Amir Zidane recounted his experience on the flight after he and his group boarded the plane headed for Bengkulu but immediately noticed the smell of durian upon entering the plane.

Despite his reservations however, he was assured by the flight attendant that the foul odor will eventually fade as they get up higher in the air. Still, after an hour of flight, the odor did not have any signs of disappearing, prompting Amir and his fellow passengers to ask just how much durian the flight was carrying in its cargo hold.

They were shocked to know that the odor was actually being caused by 3 tons of durian being transported on the same flight. This raised the passengers’ hackles and they collectively called for the cargo to be unloaded. Amir admitted that their talk with the plane officers became heated but he was supported by his fellow passengers and they insisted on unloading the cargo before continuing with their journey. It eventually worked and the pilot landed the plane to unload the goods and it was witnessed by the passengers who took videos of the unloading to make sure that the officers kept their word.

According to a BBC report, Sriwijaya Air maintained that they were well within their rights to transport the cargo so long as it was wrapped in accordance with flight regulations. However, 3 tons may prove to be too much in volume to contain the collective smell of the exotic fruit. (ANGEL ONG)


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