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Dec 10, 2018 @ 14:54

Twitterverse hilariously responds to PETA’s animal friendly alternative expressions

If you haven’t heard yet, animal rights group PETA is campaigning to stop the use of anti-animal language and replace them with animal-friendly ones.

This means that favorite expressions like “Bringing Home the Bacon” and “Killing Two Birds with One Stone” are out. Instead, the group wants people to use alternative expressions like “Bringing Home the Bagel” and “Feeding Two Birds with One Scone.”

The first two expressions seem like they’re not too far off the original phrases but the rest of the recommended replacements are bit off the bat, and the internet noticed.

While some poked fun at PETA’s suggestion, there were others who were outraged that PETA would equate racist slurs with these common expressions.

Some netizens also said PETA is making a mountain over a molehill because the phrases are already so enshrined in the English vocabulary that no one actually thinks its promoting animal cruelty when one says them. Some even did some research over plausibility of replacing the popular phrases and noted that it was not advisable to feed bread (and bagels) to birds.

Check out the full thread here:

In fairness to PETA, they are truly embracing their campaign despite the backlash and have even replaced their slogan on their social media page to read: “PETA, Bringing Home the Bagel since 1980. (ANGEL ONG)


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