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Feb 17, 2019 @ 9:09

Guy scores free meal on Valentine’s for pretending to be stood up

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated by lovers the world over to toast their happiness and their relationships but its particularly tough on singles looking for love.

This particular guy who calls himself @baconflavoring on Twitter decided to do something different and live tweeted his experience when he went to a local Outback steakhouse to ask for a Table for 2, even though he really wasn’t expecting a date to turn up.

He decided to share his experiment with his followers and asked them whether they think he would get a dinner for free if the guys at Outback thought he was stood up on Valentines’ Day.

He even wore a suit to his ruse and played the jilted gentleman the whole time he was tweeting each development.

In the end, the experiment was a success. Not only did he get his dinner for free, courtesy of a couple sitting next to him but even even got “Katherine’s” dinner, the name he cooked up for his fictitious lover, as takeaway.

However, @baconflavoring is so thankful to the couple who bought him dinner that he donated $50 to a charity in their honor.

How cool are the guys at Outback, though? @baconflavoring shared that the waiter even gave him some words of encouragement before he left.

Before ending his thread though, he directed a tweet at Outback and apologized. He asked them not to hate him too much because he loved their steaks so much. And what do you know? They’re so cool that they even replied and said that they’re actually willing to treat him to dinner next time when he brings a real date to their steakhouse.

Read the thread from start to finish. This is the extent of hilarity to be expected from a guy with no date but has a wicked sense of humor. (ANGEL ONG)


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