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Mar 21, 2019 @ 14:12

Farron Café defends deaf mute employee from customer’s rant

Farron Café is different from other establishments because it does not discriminate and provides equal opportunity to applicants. It has become the café’s advocacy to hire deaf and mute applicants to work for them.

However, not everyone is understanding of the plight of these differently abled workers. In a recent post, Farron Café shared a message of one of their customers, ranting about his bad experience ordering from their shop.

In his message, the customer used foul words to express his disappointment at deaf mute staff’s service and said that he was not going to repeat the inconvenience of ordering from Farron again. He also said that he came as a customer and not as s donor of charitable institutions, and that is why he was not holding back from his tirade.

The Farron Café account shared the reality that their staff members have to face and appealed to customers to be more understanding of their position. Farron also reiterated its conviction to stand by its advocacy to support the deaf mute community and urged others to believe in the capabilities of differently abled people as well.

A lot of netizens agreed and shared their positive experiences with Farron Café staff to counter the negative feedback from the irate customer. (ANGEL ONG)


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