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Mar 9, 2019 @ 9:26

Nico goes meat free for a week

If there’s ever someone who loves his meat, its Bolzico Beef founder Nico Bolzico. In a bid to stay healthy though, he is open to try out a new challenge. Perhaps it might be brother in law Erwan who’s rubbing off on him.

This time, he shared with his Instagram followers that he’s going to go meat free for a week to see how it bodes for him. He said its the first time he’s doing such a diet because he is always eating huge chunks of meat and he loves to eat desserts.

In place of the meat, he’s going to try substitutes like Quorn. He did warn his friends though, that he might have a tendency to go zombie mode from the lack of meat in the following week though. LOL.

Good luck on the #OneWeekNoAnimalsEatingChallenge Nico! We’re rooting for you!

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I realized that I have never done any type of diet in my life, I try to eat healthily but there is always a disrespectful cake or chocolate getting on my way! So today, for the first time, I decided to commit to going meat-free for a week. Yes, it doesn’t seem hard, but I grew up eating beef twice a day in my farm, and today, I have @bolzicobeef at least once a day, so for me it is hard; so starting March 1st, I ‘ll start the #OneWeekNoAnimalsEatingChallenge. Why? To see how my body reacts! Now, to manage my meat cravings I will rely on @QuornPh (just to clarify, they haven’t requested me to do this). If we meet up within this week, dont be surprised if i try to bite your arm off! To add some randomness to the post: If you wanna win a dinner with #Patato please follow this: 1- Comment in this post: “#ElBolzico rules… if #Wifezilla allows him” 2- Follow me and follow all the accounts that I follow but then unfollow the ones you dont like. 3- Go watch the Lion King and send me a video of you NOT crying when Mufasa dies. 4- Tag your 3rd best friend. 5- Hack the NASA website and let me know if the USA was actually on the moon. 6- Say “Irish wristwatch” 5 times fast (I know you ‘ll try this). Disclaimer: the Instagram raffle is a joke, the challenge is dead serious! #Iwasforcedtowearthattshirt #iwillpostabeforeandafterpicture

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