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Mar 26, 2019 @ 14:44

Strictly Dumpling vlog features Jollibee vs McDo review

The rivalry of Jollibee and McDonald’s has been a long standing one in the Philippines and while the loyalties of Filipino fastfood afficionados have been tested for years, Strictly Dumpling’s MingXin Chen provides a neutral take on the battle with only flavor as the basis.

In a recent visit to the Philippines, the globetrotting vlogger made sure to make the comparison video after fans bombarded him with requests to feature the two food giants on his channel.

On his visit to McDonald’s, he picked up Chicken McDo, spaghetti, shake shake fries and Mcflurry which all passed muster. He even said that the juicy and flavorful meat of the chicken can give KFC a run for its money. He also gave a positive feedback on McDonald’s chicken fillet a la king. He was a bit on the fence about McDonald’s salt and pepper steak though.

He hit Jollibee up pretty early so he got to sample their breakfast fare on top of the regular bestsellers. He was really excited about the tapsilog and he was blown away by the flavor. He even gave it a 10 out 10 when it comes to value and flavor.

He also decribed the chicken joy as an amazing piece of chicken and said that it would have tasted even better if it was freshly prepared. Well, he had an even more colorful description but we’ll leave that for when you watch the video yourself. MingXin also said that the spag was better at Jollibee and he became an instant fan of the Jolly Hotdog.

Check out who won the battle. (ANGEL ONG)


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