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Mar 28, 2019 @ 15:17

This mukbang star eating live octopus is dividing the internet

There have been plenty of types of food eaten by mukbang stars on the internet but this just about takes the cake.

In a recent post by the Mukbang Facebook page, a video of a young woman eating what appears to be live octopus is driving commenters to different sides. In the video, the girl puts a live octopus in her mouth and while she sucks on the body, the octopus’ feet seems to struggle outside of her mouth. Its pretty weird to say the least.

There were netizens who expressed concern for the octopus. There were those who were turned off with the image while there were those who took it in stride and assured that the octopus was no longer alive when the girl ate it. They explained the salt and vinegar caused a chemical reaction that made the tentacles move so.

Oh, the extent we go to in order to achieve internet fame. (ANGEL ONG)


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