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Mar 4, 2019 @ 11:34

Touching story of candy vendor and daughter wins over netizens

It is always heartwarming to hear of stories of people who do not have a lot but work hard to provide for their families. Even more so when their children become proud of their parents and what their parents do to support them.

Such is the story of this candy vendor and his daughter overheard by one of the passengers of the jeepney they were riding on.

According to Facebook user Geli Fernandez Lagrimas, who shared their story on social media, she could not help but overhear the conversation of the father and daughter as dad sends his daughter to school. The candy vendor who had with him his merchandise, was talking to the student, who at first, insisted that he did not need to go with her to school so he could have more time to sell more.

The father, citing the reports of kidnappings nowadays said that he could not allow his daughter to go by herself lest she fall victim to these criminals. Seeing the logic to her father’s words, the daughter agreed but said that when she gets off school, she will help her dad in selling his candies.

Geli said that she salutes the father for his hard work in caring and providing for his daughter and also the child for being a dutiful and kind offspring.

What a touching story. We’re not crying. You are. (ANGEL ONG)


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