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May 6, 2019 @ 15:04

Foreigner backs down after being bashed for disrespecting Pinoy food

A foreigner recently received severe bashing from Filipinos after she tweeted that Filipino food is bland and made fun of the Pinoys who got angry at her post.

The twitter user named Kate Walton originally replied to a post by @TomPepinsky about how she felt about Philippine food. After receiving criticism from her reply, she posted a separate tweet ridiculing Pinoys who bashed her for her harsh dismissal of their food in general.

“Lol Filipino twitter saw my reply to @TomPepinsky about Filipino food and now they’re mad. Sorry but Filipino food is bland. I’ll choose spicy food over it any day,” she said. The post earned 209 likes but it did not escape the wrath of Pinoys who felt they were wronged by the comments.

They did not hold back when they shared their opinions on her thread.

It seems as if this did the trick because Kate’s next tweet was more remorseful. She apologized for the way she phrased her opinion and clarified what she actually meant.

While there were those that appreciated her show of humility, there were still those who believed that she was just apologizing because she was getting bashed for her arrogant behavior. Lesson of the day – be respectful always. Respect begets respect and Pinoys can dish out (pun intended) what they are served in multiples. (ANGEL ONG)


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