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May 15, 2019 @ 13:50

Ketogenic diet is bad for you, says a dietitian

While an all-meat diet is still hot right now, a New York-based dietitian had set it straight and went to say a Ketogenic diet is bad. This, as it could cause fatigue, dehydration, and kidney malfunction.

In an interview with Forbes, Mount Sinai Hospital dietitian Brittany Linn said a keto diet, which requires people to ditch all types of food to solely indulge meet, “doesn’t focus on the quality of foods you eat”.

Linn said in the report that forcing your body into ketosis can activate starvation mode for about four day and could spiral into fatigue.

“Even worse, when ketones build up in the system, more problems may be in store, including dehydration, kidney malfunction, and chemical change in your blood. It’s hard to say how long a person can ‘safely’ be in ketosis before these symptoms occur, but overall, the potential cons outweigh the pros,” the report further said.


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