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Jun 13, 2019 @ 11:36

Buzzfeed deconstructs the Filipino palette

Buzzfeed is known for its fresh and interesting content and its no surprise because they really go the extra mile in producing articles that are engaging for their audience. Recently, the site featured an article called Filipino food explained for the rest of the world and it really is the bee’s knees.

First, it focuses on how important rice is to every meal, as in it doesn’t matter what it goes with, as long as there is rice.

They also explain the concept of rice, and ulam and the ideal rice to ulam ratio. Buzzfeed also differentiates the different types of popular tomato based ulam like kaldereta, afritada, and menudo.

It progresses with the battle between sinigang and adobo as the best Pinoy dish, pits Pinoy silogs vs the English breakfast, and explores the origins of streetfood like isaw, betamax and adidas.

The article also pays homage to the Pinoy pan de sal and how it goes perfectly with scoops of dirty ice cream, different types of lumpia, why we sweeten our spaghetti. The pot explores desserts and pulutan because what Pinoy would want to read about something without it? If you’re Pinoy, you can definitely relate. (ANGEL ONG)


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