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Jul 17, 2019 @ 16:36

Here’s why sharing memes about Starbucks Guy is not cool


Think before you click. Rather, think twice before getting hooked on a trending topic before jumping in on the bandwagon.

As many netizens know, a Thai barista fell victim to online bullying after netizens grabbed his images from his page because they wanted to poke fun at his numerous snaps with the same pose – holding a Starbucks cup close to his face. “Starbucks Guy” as he is being touted on the internet also proclaims his love for gaming and Starbucks on his profile.

The collective mindset of some netizens decided that the guy was just begging to be an internet meme and mercilessly used his photos to ridicule his passion for the drink.

It might seem like all fun and games to many who shared and weighed in on the memes and gave “expert opinions” and judgements on Starbucks Guy’s looks and affinity for the brand. But a more detailed investigation of his information revealed some clues that he is not just someone who loves Starbucks like a regular fan. He loves Starbucks because it is his goal to use his skills productively.

He turns out to be a person with special needs who is affiliated with Steps with Theera, a social enterprise health focused café and vocational training center for teens and adults with special needs.

So if you’ve shared Starbucks guy’s image because you thought his awkward pose deserved an insult, shame on you.


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