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Sep 11, 2019 @ 15:58

Artists highlights unfair treatment of farmers in viral post

The sad plight of Philippine farmers has been a trending topic on the news and social media for the past few weeks where they are forced to sell their harvests at ridiculously low prices going as far as P7 per kilo because of an inundation of imported rice in the market which is further compounded by the rice tarrification law.

An artist posted his thoughts on the Facebook page The Art of Sloth contained in one comic book panel. The image shows a farmer, tired and defeated after months of hard work sighing as he says : “Buti pa yung extra rice safastfood P25.” (Fastfoods have it better because they can sell their extra rice for P25 easily.)

The single statement from the farmer in the image shows the unfairness of laboring for months to sell harvests for a pittance while big businesses have the luxury of selling a cup of rice for triple the price.

The thread shows the various reactions of netizens who feel that farmers are not receiving the support they need from the government and from consumers. They are also calling for a concerted effort to support local farmers by buying their products. (ANGEL ONG)


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