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Sep 22, 2019 @ 12:08

BK shades McDonald’s with A Day Without Whopper campaign

Burger King has always been one to shade its main competitor McDonald’s and it didn’t just stop with “burning” adverts of their competitor on their app, or ordering Whoppers from a McDonald’s branch.

We came across this gem of a campaign intended to steal the thunder from McDonald’s campaign to raise funds for cancer patients from its signature burger, the Big Mac.

The creative minds at Burger King, wired to poke fun at any campaign that ole’ Ronald may have in store came up with a rival campaign intended to support the cause and ridicule their competitor at the same time.

Thus, A Day without Whoppers was born wherein BK stops selling their signature Whopper for a day so people can buy Big Macs and support the advocacy against cancer.

Was this mean spirited or brilliant to a fault? We can’t seem to stop laughing. The advertising team of Burger King and Wendy’s seriously need to go out for a drink together.


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