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Sep 21, 2019 @ 12:10

Mukbang star Yang Soobin is on a diet

Being a mukbang star is not easy. You have to eat huge quantities of food to satisfy your viewers on a regular basis and of course, this can also take its toll on one’s health in the long run.

Case in point, South Korean mukbang vlogger Yang Soobin, who from the beginning has always been on the heavy side. Now, the mukbang star is doing something entirely different and is taking her fans on a journey with her as she tries to lose weight.

She shares how she tries to bring down her weight from her original 131 kg weight. According to Soobin, she writes down her daily weight on a journal and so far, she is down to 117.2 kilograms. Check out her diet strategies and see if this mukbang star can inspire you to eat less and not more.


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