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Nov 5, 2019 @ 13:07

Color blind man uses colored candies to illustrate difficulties of his condition

Being color blind may seem like a minor challenge to some people but experiencing it is something different entirely.

A color blind man recently illustrated his plight by trying to sort colored candies by their colors and proved just how difficult a simple exercise can be for a person who cannot differentiate colors.

At first he was given three shades of M &Ms to sort by his mother. All of the chocolates were green but the man was completely unaware of it and proceeded to sort out the candies based on what he perceived was the right colors.

He also failed to perfectly sort out bright colored candies without then aid of special glasses. To say that he was frustrated would be an understatement indeed. Imagine this being the norm for your entire life.

Seeing this video was an eye opener indeed. Pun intended.


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