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Jan 21, 2020 @ 14:27

Maasin city enforces ceiling price on fish

Marine products sold in Maasin city’s wet market has been subjected to a ceiling price as imposed by city Mayor Nacional Mercado after receiving complaints about its extremely expensive price.

In a video interview posted on social media, Info Officer Royeno Segovia said the mayor is serious on his effort to implement the price ceiling ordinance.

“Violators will be dropped, their business license will not be renewed, and the stall will be closed, no second chance,” Segovia told freelance journalist Daniel Maturan, adding that the move was meant to check abuses.

“The highest price as of now is P300 per kilo for the first class,” Segovia pointed out.

City Ordinance number 2015-078 classified as first class, Group A, the following names of fishes: Tangigue, Maya-Maya, Pugapo, Dugso, Marang, Sono, Kilawin, Balansugi, Liplipan, Mamsa, Tali-lion, Dugho, Kawayanon, Pangalwan, Aha-an, Makabangus, Bariles, and Saminan.

First class, Group B, in which the highest price set was P250 per kilo, include the following: Salindato, Kamohay, Lagan, Katambak, Nokos (Piliw), Kitong, Danggit (Big), and Dorado.

Second class fishes, pegged at P150–P200 per kilo, are Tambungan, Solid, Indangan, Bat-og, Bolinao (Tugnos), Tamarong/Adlo, Anduhaw, Bulis, Batod, Lipti, Mais-Mais, Sasa, Kabutan, Budloy, Danggit (Small), Mangko, Bansikol, Karabalyas, and Bangus.

Third class, P110–P140 per kilo, are Balo, Libgao, Bolinao (Dagko), Bangsi (Nani, Lampirang), Uwapay, Banggisan, Suwahan, Samok, Nokos (Lawod), Bajo-Bajo, Suwasid, Mayaos, Buntog, Iho (Tadlongan), Tabangko, Banak, Lahing, and Mangsi (Hawol-Hawol, Hilos-Hilos, Tayapad).

And belonging to the fourth class, P60–P110 per kilo, are Pantihan, Pawotpot, Lambiyaw, Mabgas, Pugot, Tabawong, Mol-Mol (Uhawon), Taad, Tige, Sagoksok, Tagutungan, Kapaw, Pata, Labayan, Bakasi, Panangitan, Ubod, Baro-Baro, Gisaw, Pagi, and Iho (Banakan, Kurusan, atbp.)

Segovia also said that not displaying a price tag constituted in itself a violation.

Last Christmas and New Year, the price of tangigue, a fish under first class, had reached P500 per kilo, prompting facial expressions of disbelief, shock, and frowns from customers.

On Wednesday, Jan. 15, Mayor Mercado called all the fish vendors to a meeting at his office to address the situation, and warned violators of business permit cancellation.

The day after that meeting, market personnel distributed “taripa” of fishes with corresponding price list based on the city ordinance, with specific instructions for fish vendors to display or hang the list for easy reference of consumers.


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