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Jan 9, 2020 @ 11:54

When life gives you lemons… Redditors express cook up funny scenarios for outdoor Italian resto

A restaurant in Italy is piquing the interest of redditors after the beautiful setup revealed that the outdoor establishment surrounds guests with lemon trees.

After seeing the breathtaking view of the relaxing atmosphere surrounded by nature, of course, mischievous redditors crafted different scenarios wherein guests would unexpectedly have lemons fall on their heads while enjoying a cup of coffee or indulging in a meal with their friends.

“When life give you lemons…It also gives you first degree burns,” a witty redditor posted.

“I just checked on their website and apparently there is a very thin layer of plastic litterally invisible on this pic, that prevents the lemons to fall into the clients dishes. Who am I kidding here, take your lemon to the face like a man !” another quipped.

There were also those who aired serious concerns about spiders and other bugs.

Well, we guess aesthetics isn’t everything, especially to the fertile imaginations of netizens.

Outdoor restaurant in Italy, Covered by lemon plants and lemon from interestingasfuck


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