Wednesday 8 July
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Jun 20, 2020 @ 13:28

Healthy debate on the best fastfood fries up on Reddit

Each person has a different food preference but it takes a redditor thread to really flesh out a healthy debate about the subject.

A redditor recently shared his opinion that KFC’s fries are the best among fastfood fares and challenged other users to change his mind.

There were many contenders who emerged – ARMY Navy, whose fries were delicious but a tad expensive. Burger King was also cited for having yummy fries.

There were also those who said that McDonalds fries came close to KFC after they changed their recipe.

There were also votes for Popeye’s Kajun Fries thrown in the mix.
Now who here has a sudden craving for fries? (ANGEL ONG)

Change my mind: KFC fries are the best fries sa mga fast food restaurants. from Philippines


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